hamoon pourmirzaagha

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 فارسی

Name: hamoon pourmirzaagha
Department: Engineering
Faculty: Mechanics
Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
Email: h . p o u r m i r z a a g h a @ i a u r a m s a r . a c . i r


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Publication Date 
ExpandSimulation and thermodynamic analysis of a combined gas turbine power with a solid oxide fuel cell and analysis irreversibility hybrid systemsH Pourmirzaagha, R Ebrahimi4/1/2012
ExpandAnalysis and simulation of hybrid solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine cycle in design point and predicted efficiency in off design pointH Pourmirzaagha, R Ebrahimi, M Raad, A Asadollahi4/2/2012
ExpandComputational study of incompressible turbulent flows with method of characteristicsAA Orang, SE Razavi, H Pourmirzaagha4/15/2014
ExpandNano-particles transport in a concentric annulus: a lattice Boltzmann approachH Pourmirzaagha, HH Afrouzi, AA Mehrizi4/9/2015
ExpandOptimization of Electrochemical Lead-Acid Battery Using Computational Fluid DynamicsH POURMIRZAAGHA, V ESFAHANIAN, F SABETGHADAM, F TORABI4/17/2015
ExpandSingle and multi‐objective optimization for the performance enhancement of lead–acid battery cellH Pourmirzaagha, V Esfahanian, F Sabetghadam, F Torabi1/11/2016
ExpandThe influence of micro air jets on mixing augmentation of transverse hydrogen jet in supersonic flowM Barzegar Gerdroodbarya, K Fallah, H Pourmirzaagha4/23/2016
ExpandCharacteristics of transverse hydrogen jet in presence of multi air jets within scramjet combustorMB Gerdroodbary, K Fallah, H Pourmirzaagha4/15/2017
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